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You know it, I know it: the internet is full of “FREE” stuff. Yeah, right. “Free”, as in “we couldn’t ask you to pay for it, because it’s really crap quality”. Everyone does it, because internet users are looking for freebies. And if you ask them to buy something right off the bat, they’ll click the “close” button quicker than you can say “Bonus offer!!”.

Well, trust me when I say, this offer is different. It really is free, but the resources I’ll send you are top quality. Read on and I’ll convince you, if I can.

“The children are really excited to see that their accuracy is becoming much better, and that their time is also dropping.”
Lauren O'Brien, Year 3 teacher

How is this offer different from all the other “free math worksheets” out there?

Most math websites selling products have some free worksheets to hook the reader in. Bottom line: I won’t lie to you, I hope you will go on to buy products from me. That’s what every online business wants. But way, way before you are asked to buy anything I’m happy to send you lots and lots of free, quality classroom-ready resources. You can stay in this program to the end, and you never have to buy anything from me. I couldn’t make it fairer than that, could I?

Do kids learn math from boring, templated, meaningless crap worksheets? Since you’re still with me, I’m guessing you agree with me that the answer is a resounding NO!

Let’s do a little comparison. On the left, a competitor’s “free” math worksheet. On the right, one of mine. What do you see?


Other Free Math Worksheet: Equivalent Fractions


  • machine-generated ridiculous questions
  • not appropriate for children
  • no explanation of the task
  • “random” questions, random numbers. Oh, and a punctuation error to boot.

  • Teacher-designed questions to practice times tables
  • Age-appropriate questions
  • Strategy for learning explained in the footer
  • Sheet is part of a system to teach all times tables from 0x0 to 12×12; this is a homework sheet with help text especially for parents

Simplify 1008/1488? Or 142/163? Really? I am repeatedly amazed at the really dumb questions that appear on these free worksheets. I don’t blame the people who posted this junk; they didn’t actually select these questions. A computer did!

The worksheets I will send you each week are all selected from eBooks we produced to help teachers to teach number facts in a systematic, thinking, smart way. You won’t find any “stupid” questions randomly picked by a stupid machine.

“There is a wide range of abilities in a class but all need the ongoing practice. As a school we need to target the learning of maths facts and the program will help us do this.”
Joy Robson, Head of Primary, Staines Christian College

I tried those computer generated worksheets once

Having learned programming at university, I tried designing my own worksheet generator, and it worked, sort of. I got it to produce an unlimited number of randomized math worksheets for my students. But I wasn’t happy, and neither were my students. Those sort of worksheets are, frankly, boring. Sure, you can get a computer to vomit up random numbers put into math questions. And once you’ve worked out the code, the computer will keep doing it until you tell it to stop. But like Frankenstein’s monster, it never really understands what it’s doing. And that is the real problem. A dumb machine like a computer can only put out unthinking, dumb questions, no matter how well you program it. What I realised I needed was a way to get worksheets that gave the students the practice they needed to build up their skills, but in a way that took notice of the best ways to teach math, and of the way children learn.

The hard work has been done for you

I’m guessing here, but I reckon you work too hard already. All the teachers I know work many, many hours beyond what they are paid for. They do it because they see teaching as a calling, not a job, but all the same they don’t have any spare time left to do all the fiddly things they would if they had the time. I promise you, we’ve already figured this out the details of sequencing of questions, the underlying pedagogical models, and how best to help students to develop their knowledge and skills for you. Everyone here at Classroom Professor is an experienced classroom teacher, and an expert in mathematics education. My experience of teaching mathematics for many years in two countries enables me to expertly oversee the design and content of all our worksheets. I say that not to boast, but to assure you that my desire and motivation is all about the best ways to teach math, not merely to run an online business. How many other online worksheet producers can honestly say that? Seeing the crap they are producing, I’m guessing not too many of them.

How good are these worksheets anyway? What do teachers who have used them say?

We have trialled our worksheets extensively with real kids in real classrooms. The teachers who have used the worksheets have said some pretty complimentary things about them, too. Here are two more testimonials:

“The homework sheets was good to show the parents that we are teaching number facts, and also for them to understand the importance of teaching number facts. And it helps the parents to help their children at home, as well as at school.”
Liz White, Year 5 teacher
“I think this work flows on into the other work that we do in mathematics, because the children are able to think faster on their feet, so to speak, and they’re able to go through and work through their other content, and this allows them to practise both their speed and their accuracy, and to improve both.”
Stephen Jeffrey, Year 3 teacher

What will you receive?

Each week for 13 weeks I will send you:

  • A short email, letting you know this week’s topic
  • A link to the PDF containing the worksheets
  • Copyright license, allowing unlimited classroom use, sharing with friends or posting to social media
  • All answer sheets
  • A 3-5 minute video explaining the teaching strategy I recommend to use with the worksheets
  • Information on how to get a copy of the full resource which the worksheets are a part of

Free Math Worksheets

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No commitment, nothing to pay, quit any time

There really is no downside to this offer. You will get immediate access to your first set of worksheets when you click the button. If you find the worksheets don’t meet your needs – at any time now or in the future – just click the ‘unsubscribe’ link (which is at the bottom of every email) and I’ll take you off the list, no questions asked.

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Peter Price

~ Dr Peter Price
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