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Free Math Worksheets: Double Plus 1 Addition

From the "Let's Go!" series

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Download link:  Free Math Worksheet – Double Plus 1 Facts

This week’s set is also from the “Let’s Go!” series of eBooks for Grade 1 / Year 2, from the Developing Number Fluency series of eBooks we have just launched.

Students can handle these facts once they are confident with double facts. You can use a ten frame or number line to clearly illustrate the idea of adding one to a double.

Supporting Resources

The worksheets come from Let’s Go! Book 2, written for students in Grade 1 (US), Year 1 (UK) or Year 2 (Australia).

Go to for more information or to purchase your own copy of the full eBook. As a subscriber to the Free Math Worksheets email list, you can use the voucher included in the worksheets PDF to access a discount on this resource.

Download the Worksheets:

Free Math Worksheets: Double Plus 1

Free Math Worksheets: Double Plus 1

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